In Japan welfare assistance for foreigners has been decided on a case by case basis, but the Japanese courts have finally decided that
“permanent foreign residents don’t qualify for public assistance because they aren’t considered Japanese nationals.”


Time to upper decker the judges chambers.


Lady of the night:massage?
Lady of the night:you want massage?
/lady of the night holds my arm.
Me:not gonna happen
/me:pulls my arm away
Lady of the night:big strong American, I like
Me:I like dick
/me:makes terrible gagging sound
Lady of the night:me too!
Me:just stop. Go wait for me over there.
/me:leaves area

Armed with new hosting and no more Facebook life just got much more dull. No more checking my phone once every 10 minutes. Probably going to stop using a feature phone all together.


Well there was supposed to be a terrible storm today. It changed direction so all is clear. Normally I don’t bother storm prepping because Florida was always good about fast food places or friends having BBQ’s. Well here that’s not the case. Everyone is OMG RAIN. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE. Yoshinoya would probably still be open and I’m a bad cook but better to be safe than hungry.







My goal:
Export my tumblr blog to privately hosted WordPress or Joomla.
Use location detection to route viewers to USA or Japan based VPS.
Have VPS’s talk to each other with SSH tunnels to replicate specific MySQL tables and other data in real time or near real time.

Blog more about nerd stuff.

Standing around with an old friend and a new friend waiting for a train. Old friend offers me a beer. Now I have a beer. He gets on train. Going the other way. New friend rides with me a few stops then leaves. So now I’m the white guy with a beer and plenty of personal space on a crowded train.

1. To change the color palette, first insert a Game Pack and turn
on the power.
2. When the Game Boy logo appears, press the + Control Pad and
button combination shown below for the desired color pallet.

|Combo| |Background| |Sprite1| |Sprite2|
Default Green/Blue Red Red
Up Brown Brown Brown
Up + A Red Green Blue
Up + B Dk. Brown Brown Brown
Left Blue Red Green
Left + A Dk. Blue Red Brown
Left + B Original Original Original
Down R/B/Yellow R/B/Yellow R/B/Yellow
Down + A Red/Yellow Red/Yellow Red/Yellow
Down + B Yellow Blue Green
Right Red/Green Red/Green Red/Green
Right + A Green/Blue Red Red
Right + B Negative Negative Negative